University of Waterloo Environmental Reserve - Where Next


Nearby EcoPosts:
1.- See the Westmount Sports Park (Ecopost 6) on the University of Waterloo’s North Campus,

2. – or the Peregrine Falcon nest in downtown Kitchener (Ecopost 8).

Alternatively, at the University of Waterloo visit:
3. – Historic Brubacher House on the North Campus.

4. – The Dorney Garden of native plants – On both sides of the Environment 1 building.(map – See segment G4}

5. – The Earth Sciences Museum. There is an outdoor “rock garden” that is accessible outside museum hours.

6. – Laurel Creek Conservation Area has good bird watching, cross country skiing etc.

7. – Laurel Creek Nature Centre has excellent walking or ski trails, wild plants and good bird watching. (Only open to the public outside of school hours.)

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