Swifts at Work, Pigeons at Play

Downtown Galt (Cambridge), Near the Main Street bridge

Cover Photo Credits: © Wikimedia


EcoPost 2.1.If you think of the downtown as having no natural history -Think again! Here you can learn about the chimney swifts that work hard to keep downtown free of bugs. And what about those pesky pigeons? – They have interesting behaviours. And then there are the exquisite damsel flies just down the steps on the Grand river bank. Read on!

Things To Do

See where swifts make their collective evening swoop into a local chimney stack! Admire ruby-spot damselfly dogfights by the river. Enjoy a coffee and watch pigeons bob their heads – see how the males parade for their spouses (Find out why!).

Where Next?

Historic Downtown Galt is full of interesting architecture, cafes and places to visit. The area has been used filmmaking, notably for “The Handmaid’s Tale”. The walk along the protecting flood levees that line the riverbank or stop in at the University of Waterloo’s school of Architecture in case there is a current exhibition. The section below maps some of the attractions. 

Getting Here

43.358736, -80.316426

This EcoPost is steps from Cambridge bus terminal on Ainslie Street. From there walk North on Ainslie, left onto Main Street, the Grand River Bridge ,and turn right to the Architecture School and the Melville Cafe. Steps to the river are on the left through an arbor.

There is plentiful parking here.

The old Dickson School where the swifts roost, on St. Andrews Street, is 400m from the Architecture School. Best access is from Cant Ave. Bus access: Route 57. 

Maps and Trails

This EcoPost is also accessible via the City of Cambridge trail along the Grand River. Use the City of Cambridge trails map to reach the EcoPost by bike or on foot.

On-site ramps at some locations
Suitable for cycling
The Grand River through downtown Galt is accessible by canoe immediately below the Park Street dam – However this entry involves fast water and is only for experienced canoeists and when the river is not in flood. Consult Grand River Conservation Authority for advice.
Contact Park

The Grand River Conservation Authority

Phone: 519-621-2761