A Murder of Crows and Lion’s Teeth! Discover 1500 crows on your way home from UWaterloo

Waterloo Park Crow Roost

Cover Photo Credits: © English record.wordpress 

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EcoPost 11 – For years a huge flock of crows (A “murder” in old parlance) has gathered each winter evening in Waterloo. The roost location has varied. but the main location has usually been Waterloo Park. By January, more than 1,500 of these noisy birds gather here at dusk. The crows arrive in flocks from the regional landfill to the west, from the south of Kitchener and from beyond Waterloo in the North. They disperse at dawn to forage across the Region. Crows stop roosting communally in late winter when they start to take up nesting territories.

Many other large crow roosts exist in North America: http://www.crows.net/roosts.html

Crow and Raven roosts have excited the imaginations of literary luminaries – And usually in a “dark” context. Think of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, Daphne du Maurier’s The Birds and the subsequent Hitchcock movie of the same name. Crow family birds (Corvids) get a “bad rap” that is undeserved!

Things To Do

Take a tour of the crow roost at dusk, any time from November to March, with best prospects for a big show in December to February. There is good viewing from the sidewalk on University Avenue (between Seagram Drive and Westmount Road) and the birds can also be observed from the University of Waterloo’s parking lot H (Enter from Seagram Drive).

See the crows in winter, take a closer look at dandelions in spring, and look out for damsel flies along Laurel Creek in summer. 

Where Next?

 Enjoy other facilities of the Waterloo Park including the Silver Lake, skatepark and Eby’s Animal farm . Other nearby locations include the Faculty of Environment/Arts garden, the Earth Sciences Rock Garden, and the East-West garden at Renison College. 

Getting Here

Coordinates: 43.468386 , -80.534700

Main Entrance is from the Father David Bauer Drive or alternatively one can walk here from the main University of Waterloo Campus. 

By Bus: Bus Route 8, 12, 69 to get off at University Ave./ Ring Road. Walk approx. 450m to approach the wonderful crow roost location in Waterloo Park. 

Parking: Free parking is available from the Young Street W/ Westmount Road N entrances to the park.  There is also free three-hour street parking along Father David Bauer Drive

Maps and Trails

Full Waterloo Park map

Travel on foot, by taking the Laurel Trail. This rolling path has a dirt surface with wetland boardwalks, steps and stairways.

There is a network of other bike and walking trails 

The UW Campus map

On-site ramps at some locations
Boating not applicable
Suitable for cycling
Contact Park

The park is managed by the City of Waterloo – For queries, please contact the City Hall and Services center


Phone: 519-725-0511