What flies at 390Km per hour down King Street?

Peregrine Falcon Nest on the CTV Tower, King Street W., Kitchener, opposite the Grand River Hospital

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EcoPost 8.1. Rare peregrine falcons nest on CTV’s communications tower. This fastest animal on Earth is here from April to July. It can dive on its prey at up to 390 Km/hour! If that’s unnerving, relax in the wildflower gardens in front of the Grand River Hospital and learn more about urban pigeons at this EcoPost.

Things to Do

Peregrines nest here from April to the end of June, and the youngsters are around after that. Use the "Learn more" link to find a live web cam in season, to access other Peregrine resources and to see family pics.

Juvenile Peregrine are aerial "klutzes"! In nature, many die young. Thus the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and Waterloo Region Nature have a rescue crew here in May-June. If you see a stranded young falcon here, call 1 888 709 3944. Phone the same number to volunteer.

Take a break in the Grand River Hospital garden (outside the main entrance). This oasis is at its best from July to September. We have featured some of the plants in the "Learn More" section.

Rock pigeons ("City pigeons") are here all year. They have some interesting courtship behaviours: Use the Learn More button!

Where Next?

Find other EcoPosts in town or discover some neat places in Kitchener and at the University of Waterloo, Including The Museum, Joseph Schneider Haus and the Earth Sciences Museum.

Getting Here


43.457285, -80.511039

***As of July 2016 the area is disrupted by light rail transit system construction. There is no parking close to the site, buses are diverted and biking is difficult!***>

Normally -

There is limited on-street parking in this area on side streets and paid parking at Grand River Hospital.

Numerous bus routes serve this site and there are bus stops at the CTV tower by Grand River Hospital.

Normally: Bike lanes on busy King Street, for confident urban cyclists only! Quieter approaches: From the East (Via Spur line trail, Moore St., Mount Hope Cemetery and PIne St.). From the West (Iron Horse Trail and Mount Hope Street).

By Bus: 200 iExpress, 7c,7d,7e, 4 (just down King St.)

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As of July 2016,this is a major construction area is NOT wheelchair friendly!
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